Silence is the words unsaid but interpreted by us today
Is crazy how we met; how destiny always playing its games
I was on the internet chatting; meeting new friends
I was browsing and I saw your gorgeous face
I entered your page, there you were and everything made sense
I was destined to meet you although I don’t know why
Now it’s crazy; I can’t get the thought of you off my head
I wonder what you sound, smell or taste like
I hear a voice in my head but I can’t figure out what it says
It’s a silence; a period marked by the absence of the tone of your voice
It’s the big space between two strangers’ words
Silence is the cold feeling of wondering what’s on your mind
It’s wondering if you want to make me yours as bad as I want to make you mine
Silence is the mute language of your body I would like to learn
It’s the music that would play when you kiss between my legs
That music that would stop when I’ll start to moan and call your name
Silence is the sound made by your tongue when you lick on my neck
Silence is what would come before and after we have sex
Shhh… don't say a word.

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