It was after 12 midnight and New York streets were live
The night was loud, the block was screaming
I heard sirens, cars horns, shouting and music playing

My body was dancing to the rhythm of his song
My kitty was mowing, my clit was throbbing
The introduction was quick and we got acquainted
A lost kiss was found as our lips met...
My lips got lost in his, and his lips went down to my tits,
playing with my nipples as his lips find their way back;
from my breast, to my neck, to my cheek, back to my lips again
He looked at me and I lost my will in his eyes; vulnerable to his desires
The streets got quiet, the music stopped, and the night was silenced
Our clothes came off; he held me tight and our body became one
My lips traveled from his neck to his shoulder, down his arms
He placed his index on my lips, followed by his middle finger
I kissed then, I licked them, I sucked on every finger on his hand
as he gently pulled my hair and caressed my face...
He laid me on his coat, on the cold bench covered in snow;
My body was shivering; I was so cold
He placed his lips on my kitty, and sucked on it
And suddenly, I wasn't cold anymore; my body was in flame
I was so hot and consumed by the pleasure; wanted him inside of me
"Don't forget to lick that clit, Play with it just like this" I said
"It's not magic, watch me squirt, as you tongue do the trick
Now put that stick deep in me, I got some tricks on my sleeves" 
I swear I forgot where we were or how cold it was outside
I didn't care if we were being watched; I wanted him so bad
The Lover in the ice; looked at me, and once again I lost my will in his eyes
He intended to talk, not sure what he wanted to say, I interrupted him and said
"Hold me please, the clock is ticking...time is gold let's not wasted on words
you are here now, tomorrow who knows where we'll go" 
There was really no need for words; I just wanted to make love  
He sealed the deal with a kiss; we made sweet love in the Big Apple 
My lover on the ice and I left our prints on a Central Park Bench
Our memories would live beyond time; I'd never forget the magical nigh on ice

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  1. I really like this one, very well put together. I like how you started and I'm definitely feeling the end. Keep up the great work.


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