When It gets lonely in my room, can't help but miss my baby
I get lost in my thoughts, I let my mind fly, and take me 
to a place where my body meet with his and we become one.

Today, I'm a little sad, Caprice left to Georgia on a business trip
las week. He has been so busy with work, we haven't spoken much 
Sometimes I  really hate his line of work but I have no 
choice but to be a good wife and supportive to the man I so much love 
I know I wouldn't quit my career for him so I play cool :-) 
Sometimes shit crosses my mind and I wonder if there's 
some else, but then again why worry about things like that

all men do their dirt and he wouldn't be the last or the first
it may sound crazy for me to look at it that way but I'm very
realistic; I think the bizarre thing would be to believe that a 
man as good looking as him, can not be tempted to cheat 

Women practically through themselves at him when he is with me
Is hard for him not to accidentally put his dick in the wrong pussy
Besides we all make mistakes; I rather face reality head on than fall flat 
on my face. Women now and days don't care if you married or single 
I'm not worry, that dick is mine, and he knows Mommy knows how to 
to take care of it right. A man can fuck around all he wants but he knows 
where home is at. My baby knows It gets lonely in these four walls,
he doesn't neglect his pussy; he knows when is the right time to come home 
I miss him so much; I can't wait for him to come and make love to me
Oh wait hold up, my phone is ringing.... Sorry for the wait, It was my baby
I'm so happy now;  crazy how an orgasm can completely change your mood 
Yeah we had phonesex; it was sexy and very stimulating 
He called and I told him "I miss him and wish he were here 
laying next to me, spurring all my desires with his sexy full lips;
kissing me, nibbling on my blossoming nipples, sucking on my big tits"
He asked me what I was wearing I said " red top and a thong"
He  said "take it all off' I asked him if he was dressed  
He said "I'm naked, stroking it, laying on my bed"
My pussy immediately got wet and without thinking it twice got rid off 
my clothes, I kind of forgot you were here but I really needed that
He said "can u grab it for me baby" I  said "yes baby, put your hand around 
that dick, than rub your thumb on the tip, wet it and pretend is my lips
I'm going down your cock my tongue exploring it,  discovering your spot
You said  "Baby I'm quite sensitive underneath so i'll reserve your lips         
 for this later. Let me ate that pussy like I'm starving, like I've not eaten in 
years, let me suck on your clit like a new baby on milk." I interrupted him 
and said "Damn baby let's do 69 I wanna suck that dick dry, 
like a camel at an oasis, I wanna swallow it like a baby on infamil" 
Me: "Picturing you shaft going in my twat, give my clitoris a tingling sensation"
Him: "feel my big hard cock plunging forward to squeeze into your wet tight pussy"
Me: "Of yeah baby slide your dick in slowly, now take it out and rub the tip on my clit" 
Let me help you, get a good grip on that dick,  now rub it in just like this, mmmm 
Him:  "Oh damn mami you've been naughty bend down and let daddy spank it"
watching you bending over make my cock standing to attention, anxiously 
waiting to give you pleasure"
Me:  mmmm give that dick
Him:  I'm putting it in, don't scream now cause I'm pushing it further in
Me: "ah yeah mmm yes ahh baby,  !! uhhhh ahhh ahhh yes fuck yes." Imagine me baby, spreading my butt-cheeks open, you behind, between my legs, giving me them 
long, and them short circular strokes. Go deep in your pussy baby, Fuck me!!!
Harder baby, faster " (while fingering my pussy and rubbing on my clit) 
Him: Are you coming Mami, I'm ready to explode 
Me: No hold that load baby,  I wanna swallow you whole 
Him: Take This cum in your mouth 
Me: mmm yummm (Im sucking on my finger making a clicking/sucking sound) 
I'm ready to cum baby mmm fuck "ahhh yeah ohh ohh (sigh) fuck yeah aaah"
Him: "Fuck baby that was great"
Me: "Thank you baby, you're awesome"
Him: "Now I see what you be doing when I'm not around 
Me: "You know baby, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do; it gets lonely in this room"
Him: "ha, ha, ha" He burst laughing "My flight leave first thing 
in the morning, have that pussy ready for daddy"
Me: You know I got you; it never gets lonely in this room when 
you here, I would be waiting right here, naked, legs wide open;
ready for you to take a sip of your wet, scrumptious, creamy pussy. 
Don't forget your dick; I mean your bib (lol) see you tomorrow

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