The sun is peeking through a window...
It's watching two naked body laying on a bed,
his body wrapped around hers, under silky white sheets
The two are in a deep sleep but the sunlight wakes him up
He watch her as she sleep; his it  get as hard as a rock
She just look so peaceful, so pretty... so damn sexy
He goes under the sheets for a feast
His licking and sucking woke her out of her sleep
She grabs his head pushing it towards her kitty
The pleasure was so intense, she sounded in pain
She screaming and moaning, yelling "f*ck me"
But he seems to be deaf to her cry cause he doesn't stop
The more she screams the more he devours her
Swallowing her juices; voraciously eating her out
greedily sucking and softly biting on her clit
She cant hold it in and lets out a scream
Calling his name as her kitty squirt on his face
She jumps up, he sits on the bed just staring at her
She climb on top of him, wrapping her legs around him
grabbing her thigh, he pulls her strenuously towards him
She starts to moves up and down at a fast but steady speed
they giving and receiving pleasure simultaneously
She kissed on his neck, he sucks on her breast
She moves her hips in a circular motion as he grabs her head
Putting his fingers through her hair "make it rain" he says
"f*ck me baby girl...make your dick cum"
she raises her speed, bouncing up and down on his hard it
There is moaning, cursing, screams and cursing, name calling
He firmly grabs on her shoulders as he releases himself in her

She lets out a sigh and share with him a kiss,
They fall back on the bed "Yes, indeed Morning sex is the best"....

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