Damn last night I had a crazy bus ride! It was about 11:40 PM when I left my homegirl's house; I had a lot on mind and decided to take a walk and hop on the bus.  I walked passed 5 bus stops just thinking, wondering, when or how am I going to end this search. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? I saw the bus coming and I ran to the next stop, I got on the 12 bus and as I was walking towards the back seat I felt someone walking behind me. I sat down and quickly started to read a book I had in my bag "damn this is a sex book". I thought as I realized it was too late to put it down. I was just staring at the page, trying to avoid the presence of the person standing in front of me.  I suddently looked up and I saw him undressing me with his eyes; I put my head down again, shy yet excited. "He so fine" I thought to myself.

"Is that seat taken?" He asked pointing to the seat besides me.

I removed my bag from the seat and he sat down next to me. He said "I'm Iz" and I said "I'm Gigi, nice to meet you".  “the pleasure is all mine'". He replied

 I continued to read my book,  he looked over my shoulder and I guessed he noticed I was reading a book about sex position. “ahhh”  he sigh turned on by the sex scene describe on the chapter. I looked at him and noticed his boner. I tried to pretend I didn't see anything, but it was almost impossible to ignore what was happening. His body language was so expressive and I was extremely turned on; my pussy was getting wetter by the minute.

I continued to pretend I was reading "Flip to next page" he said. I smiled and flipped to the next page. He placed his left hand on my right leg and I quickly reacted and pushed it away.  He did it again, and I again pushed it away, but he did it again and again, until I finally engaged. He slowly put his hand under my red dress; his fingers crawling their way to my goodies. He pulled my panties to the side, then putted his index finger inside of my dripping wet pussy, then his middle finger, giving my pussy a few pokes. He slowly slipped them out and rubbed on my clit softly with the tips of his now wet index and middle fingers in a circular motion. Then gradually increased his fingers speed on my clit. The speed, tempo, and amount of fingers were a perfect combination to make my pussy squirt.

I was dripping wet, his fingers were making a quashy sound imposible to ignore, people were looking back. He grab my hand and placed it on his hard dick. I unzipped his pants resting my head on his lap. I was so wet, so horny, I desperately put his dick in my mouth. I stroke it with my lips while my tongue play on a circular motion on his cock.  I swallowed it all to the balls " u make me wanna cum for you so badly" he said "mmm Give me that cum she wispered sucking harder on his dick as his fingers were deeply stabbing her pussy. I sucked on his dick hard and fast makin a loud sucking noise, people  turned around again but this time my head was down on your lap, he had one hand grabbing on my hair, softly pulling on it and the other inside my dressed.

A man I guessed motivated by the sucking noise, gets off his seat and seat on the seat right across from us. He watched my lips softly killing the first guy desire with great pleasure.  I wanted to stop but I just  couldn't;  I wanted to cum so bad I continue with the blow job.  I look at the second man right in the eyes while I was giving  the first man all my saliva. I was slobbering all over his dick.

“your lip action is making me want to cum in your mouth”

 "Umm yes I want you to cum on my tongue”
“feel like wanting to take more of your mouth than what your lips are giving me. you making my dick more wet than your pussy."

The second man takes out his dick and start stroking it while the first man pulled up my dress inteting to show the second man what a great job his hand is doing inside my pussy. Was almost like he was bragging, showing ownership of my body. But all the second man can really see is my head bouncing up and down, swallowing the first man hard, ready to bust dick.

The second man stroke his dick harder and faster; the whole scene is so intense he cant bear it and He bust all over himself. Seeing all that Cum all over his hand takes me to my climax and I cum. And I guess feeling my wetness all down his fingers, makes the first man bust in my mouth "Ahhhh  " I swallow it, fix myself, grab my purse " excuse me this is my stop, you guys have  a good night"


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