If this room could speak...
It would tell you the many nights I couldn't sleep.
Holding my pillow tight fantasizing about you and me.
I close my eyes and I vitualize us having a great time.
We take a trip to ecstasy where I share with you my fantasies.
Holding hands, we take a walk in the park; we seat on a bench.
We talk about different subjects, sex pops up like always.
I see how your body starts getting arouse by my words.
So I ask you to take me to a place where we can be alone.
You drive me to place; but on the way we do a lil foreplay.
We get inside and without a word we get rid off our clothes.
My hands start exploring your body, caressing your face.
I kiss you on your cheek, your forehead and your lips.
You kiss me on my neck, my chest, and my tits.
You go down my stomach exploring with your tongue.
I interrupt you, get on my knees and wrap my lips around your stick.
I stroke it up and down; you come all in my mouth.
(It was so thick, I spit it out) 
Realizing it was a mistake I turn you around.
I start massaging your ass, spreading it open I intend to lick your crack.
You don't let me get too far and  say "I don't get down like that" (lol)
You turn me around, and hit it doggy style.
It feels so damn good, I begin to scream and cry.
You wipe off my tears and promise there's nothing to fear.
You kiss me all over and I beg you not to let the night be over.
You, wanting to make love to me all night hold me tight.
I, wanting to be loved ask you not to let me go.
And us, wrap around each other promise to love always one and other.
 I opened my eyes, the picture of you fades away. 
And I find myself lying on this empty bed; with nothing left but a fantasy and a pillow.
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