There's a loud thought in the silence of the night 
echoing in the clouds of  my inarticulate sky 
The Stars seem to wondering where you are...
The moon out my window seems to be searching for you 
The quiet wind is screaming your name; and I'm
in this bed, wondering when I'm going to see you again...
I tell my mind it needs to forget but the injection you gave me
seems to be working against my immune system 
The antrigern of your lips have penetrated my veins
Like a cancerous tumor you've taken over my head
the silence of the night keeps dragging my mind to those times
When you made me yours and I made you mine 
I'm dying inside, I miss you, and my kitty is in need of CPR 
I wanna feel your lips devouring all my desires 
eating me without chewing, without needing to swallow
I wanna feel your tongue lick by lick, as you try to put it inside me 
There's a thought navigating in the silence of my sea 
like a lost ship sailing over the horizon; "I need to find you" 
You lived inside of me; I felt you in my soul 
You scape from my dreams; I need you here with me   
The thought of you keeps invading my mind
The silence of the night is broken by my cry 
"How can I go back to that night...

when you made me yours and I made you mine?"

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