The passengers; two strangers driven by temptation
The ticket; a flight to an uncertain destination
The luggage; two bodies full of desire and fascination
Those strangers are you and I…
That ticket is a flight to the destination of my heart
The luggage is my body I want u 2 have
So come on baby enjoy this ride…
If curiosity kill the cat than I’m ready to die
I know this would be an unforgettable flight
I promise you’ll be more than satisfy…
Just push your seat back and relax
Eat and drink all you want …
Baby you’re flying on first class
I’m ready to give you all I got
Makes me yours cause I’m making you mine
I’m claiming this even if it just for this one time
We’re are doing things I’m not going to specify
I would show you better than I can tell you
I got a lot of tricks in mind; I’m performing then right
You are arouse to the max;you almost there, come on
Buckle up! This plane is about to land
Wow you so excited! We just reached our destination
Welcome baby to ejaculation!

By: GiGi
Inspired by: Him 
copyrighted: 3/6/12

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