Wow he said her writing transports him to the
scene; every story sent his mind on a trip
on a circuitous quest to everything and nothing
He wishes to discover her secrets with a kiss
and slowly uncover the essence of her lips
He wants to see her dick-sucking techniques
Her lips taking a full grip of his burgeoning meat
that hardens as her tongue slobbers all over it

He said "I hope you don't mind, I was ogling
at your pics as I was reading one of your stories.
I'm getting ready to undress and get comfy in my bed"
his thoughts travels and his body looses control
His mind and his hands start working in accord
He lust her sexy pretty eyes and beautiful smile
Her bubble perfect size ass and big wide thighs
He so turned on by her rounded jutting twins
He imagines his glistening dick sliding in between

No need to close his eyes to picture himself with her
she paints  the perfect picture with her descriptive words
each pixel painstakingly calculated to build up
a megapixel of satisfaction in his wild imagination
She is hard to describe; she is fire and ice...
She is sweet and she bitter; she's good and she's bad
She's wild and repressed; she's heaven and hell
She loves and she hates; she plays but hates games
she is shy and she's bold; she's gentle and she's rough
She gives and she takes; she makes love and she fucks

His lust for this woman goes beyond her words...
He goes into ecstasies in the search of an orgasm
fantasizing of pleasuring her pussy in different styles
pictures himself grabbing and hitting her ass from behind
He noticed by her writing doggy is her favorite position
But he also wants to do her 69 style; with his face
in her crack, his tongue pleasuring both of her holes
her flushed pussy burning of passion, melting in heat
as he teases and plays with her asshole and clit

Her lips plunging and milking his fully loaded piece
He's reading her story, she's describing the scene,
He's reading and glancing at her sexy pics while
beating faster and faster on his uncircumcised dick,
rubbing on his knob, as he feels up on her busy tits
He can almost feel her lips on his twitching dick
sliding his index on the screen down her lips; he busts
He finds complete sexual satisfaction in her words
Her story transports him to another world
He's now looking forward to her next bedtime story

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