I know some place, somewhere in the world; someone is going or has been in the state of mind I’m in right now. I have traveled a long journey, yet I don’t know where I am or where I am heading. Everyday it's a déjà vu " I’ve been here before". Constantly making the same mistakes…yet I don’t seem to have any regrets. Although sometimes there appears to be some remorse, there’s never any regret. Everything I’ve ever done, every moment I’ve ever lived has been by choice. Even the things I’ve done against my will have been laid on a path I have chosen to walk on. If there is someone to blame, blame me.

Please don’t let these words lead you to believe I’m consumed by guilt.  Although there are many things I’m guilty of; I have been a victim of my own oppression. My insecurity lashes like a whip at my senses, making me a slave of other's desires. My mind is so disturbed right now; thoughts of yesterday have my heart burning in flames. Seems like my days has gone up in smoke... like ashes time is gone with the wind. Yet I'm stuck on yesterday; I want to move on, forgive, and forget but I've become a  prisoner of my own indecision.  So is there's someone to blame; blame me.

By: GiGi
Inspired by: Depression
copyrighted: 3/6/12