Crystal received a private message as a replied to an automated message sent to new followers, asking them to visit her blog. The message suggests that the readers undress their mind, bring lotion and a rag, and warns them of the possibility of things getting messy.

" I love your writing, the way you make my mind wonder, I found it really interesting but not stimulating enough to get messy. " Those were his challenging words

She smiled. "If it didn't get messy you didn't read the story right."

 "Maybe so " He replied. “

         She logged in to her blog and browsed through her stories, wondering how can he not find stimulation in the words that have given her so much pleasure. She has found an orgasm in every sexual poem, every story, even in some of her quotes. She intended to let her mind run freely as her finger touch her Mac's keyboard, she wanted to find a story within her thoughts that could make his mind run wild. But nothing would come to mind; she was stuck between her fantasy and reality. She lay on her bed; trying to forget, she didn’t want to think about it too hard.

Besides… "One person who doesn't find pleasure in my words is nothing compare to the many people who has complimented me on my sexy imagination” She thought.

         Suddenly, his sexy body came to mind, his lips, his beautiful eyes, his muscular arms and every peace of art on his skin. Her mind went on a hunt, wondering, searching for a prey, hoping to find him. Yes, there he was standing in front of her; both delighted in each other’s nudity. She kissed on the tree tattooed on his arm and his body blossomed, making his forbidden fruit more desirable. She watered his banana with her tongue, making it grow to a perfect side to swallow.

“If money is the root of all evil; I wanna be wicked in your arm” She whispered, as she swallowed him like a hungry beast, sucking and licking his dick. She was so passionate almost like if she was convinced that night was the last time she would have a taste of him. They say money doesn't grow on tree but she tongued the money leaves in his tattoo as he watched in lust. The look in his eyes was so intense; she lost herself in them. He burned her urges with no intent, she touched her pussy, she was so wet and she knew then, the tree on his arm had taken her mind to paradise living waters ran through her fountain.

"Baby please, make your fruit blossom inside of me, let it grow to a perfect side inside of me. Let my pussy juices drip all over it, I want it to grow big enough to eat" She implored as her fingers went deep in her pussy.


Her mind travelled to the shower, their naked horny bodies sharing a little more than a kiss while the water running down their heads. Their hands wondering; he was playing with her big tits and she was jerking his dick. Water running down her lips, making her thirsty, making me wanna suck on his still soft dick... She wanted to watch it grow as her lips took the first stroke. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked on it nice and slow. Then a little faster as his index rub on her clit. The faster he rub the faster she sucked, tasting his sweet precum.

Mmmm cum in my mouth, let the shower witness this torrent of passion flow down my throat. Don’t stop rubbing on my clit, insert your middle finger inside of me, let the water run freely, ahhh ohhh, on my clit, makes me wanna feel you deep inside of me. Fuck me. wanna feel your wet hard dick deep inside, sliding in out of my wet pussy, fucking harder and harder, hitting my walls.”  Her thoughts were really intense. She imagine herself bendind over, in the tub, and him hitting it doggy style, water running from her back to her ass crack, to his balls. Butt cheek spread open, him banging that pussy hard and slow, and balls bouncing against her clit, making her wanna squirt.

“Make me cum… baby I wanna be yours; let the water flow from our head to our toes... I ma fill my pussy up with this load of cum, let that shit drip from your pussy, down your thigh, make me yours cause I’m fucking you hard and tonight... your ass is mine. Mmm, Yess fuck, AhhhOhhh, Im about to cum, as a matter of fact, catch this load in your mouth, swallow it down your throat.”  She imagined him saying this words as her pussy squirted and she had multiple orgasms. Maybe that reader would never find stimulation in her words but her mind sure does it purpose, it help her get to climax... ARE YOU CUMING...?


  1. Nothing I like more than a squirting woman. However you made a big mess so now you must be spanked!

  2. Hi Gigi, showing you some bisexual luv. I'd take the spanking after I clean the mess with some tongue

  3. any more stories like this and i will be

  4. Thank you Justin, Billy and Anon :-) comments very much appreciated


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