They say I never loved you, that I moved on quick
They say you better off with out me; you''ll find a better chick
Fuck what they say; fuck what you heard
The truth is I never stopped loving you; you got my heart
They not inside of me; they don't know how I feel
They don't know what goes on once my door is closed
they don't know everything inside reminds me of you
The good times and the bad; the tears and the laughs
They dont see how sometimes I can't even eat cause you not in the table with me
How I can't watch tv without seeing a scene that reminds me of you and me
They don't see me cry myself to sleep wishing you were here with me
They don't know the thought of you sometimes wakes me out of my sleep
they don't hear my body screaming "fuck me baby one more time please"
Or how my lips whisper your name in the silence of the night
How i look up to the sky, wishing on a star the thought of me would cross your mind
I wanna feel you deep inside of me but i bet you they don't know that
Tell them to talk about how I crave for your back shots;  
how I want you to hit it missionary style; tell him to talk about how I wanna give you head
How I wanna have you cum on my breast; tell them to talk about that shit
Tell him my kitty stay nice and wet... they could talk about how I play with everyday
They could say I am a hoe but how many dicks I fucked since you've been gone? NONE
They may say I'm a freak but baby you know only you bring out the freak in me
Fuck what they say; fuck what you heard, the truth is I love you more each and every day 

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