Hello, how u been?
Do you know who this is?
Yeah its me...
Do you have a moment?
I promise not to take too much of your time
You just pop-up on my mind
I was wondering how you doing?
Is there a special someone in your life...?
Oh you married now? that's nice
Do I ever come across your mind?
Do you ever think about the time we had?
Those nights you made me yours and I made u mine
I think about it sometimes and I smile
Remember that night in your car?
Yeah it's kind of crazy how we took that ride
Your boy in the driver seat and us in the back
My freaky ways always blew your mind...
hahaha... so ya talk about it sometimes
Oh...It was the freakiest experience you ever had?
Mines too...I remember you eating it from the back
the cold wind blowing on my big phat assss
Kitty nice and moist...your tongue did a nice job
Had me screaming your name; eyes rolling back
No I never forgot your friend was in the car
I just found pleasure in the thought of being watched
Lol That's what made it so exiting that night
Not, that wasn't our first time having sex in the car
You remember that day at the parking lot?
Oh shit, I almost forgot about the nights at the park 
Yeah we were really freaky, Oh you miss that wild side
 I miss it too, I think about it sometimes and laugh
Ok. You gotta go...? It was nice catching up on old times
Don't hesitate to call, you know if I ever cross your mind
Take care sweetheart...muahz

By: GiGi
Inspired by: Him
copyrighted: 3/6/12

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