Damn boy your fly...
I wanna make you mine and don’t know why
Could it be the way you dress...
or the way you put my mind to the test

When you talk, I listen; when I write, you read
a strong brother, I think you got what I need
Baby, I don’t want to rush you to touch
but then again, I think we waited too long…

I want to touch more than your body; can I feel your mind?
I don’t want to own you; but can I make you mine?
Time is precious; let's not waste it playing games
I know if we become one, we would be up for the same

I'd take a cruise on your body; make you scream my name
Explore you with my tongue till I’d discover your spots
I’d show you how you have more than one, that’s how talented I am
I would discover parts of your body you didn't know existed
I would show you how they can be kissed, sucked, and licked
You're a grown man but you don’t even know your body yet ...
I’m gonna touch you in places it’d get the back of our knees wet...
I’m gonna kiss you on ya lips but you'd feel it on your stick

Boy just lay back and relax... my tongue is magical
I would have you climbing where there's no mountains
Baby, you're gonna be swimming and there's no water
you just follow, I gonna lead; I'll be you and you'll be me
I'm gonna do you instead of you doing me
I'm here 2 satisfy your every need; that's how I'm pleased
I would cum when you say Ma "I'm cuming"
So, are you ready 2 be pleased? Let's trade Places...

By: GiGi
Inspired: By a poem someone wrote 2 me a while ago
copyrighted: 3/6/12


  1. Very well written,
    "I want to touch more than your body; can I feel your mind?"
    You have a sexy mind. Can I see your sexy body too?

  2. Thank you, stay tuned for my pics, coming soon lol


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