He comes unannounced; he doesn't ask questions
Doesn't need answers, welcomes or  invitations
He comes and leave as he please; doesn't have limitations
Doesn't follows rules or goes by people's expectations

He'd pop up when you least expect it, taking over your mind
He knows how to talk you into doing what ever he wants
If you not strong enough, he would tear your heart apart
Your intuition would fail to recognize his malicious plan
And before you know it you would be trapped in his arms

He crawls in my bed, makes me feel like shit 
look outside,  you'd see him hiding in the dark
If you look around you, nothing would make sense
If you look inside you, you'd find no one else to blame
I relly wonder when the fuck, this shit going to end

He comes in but never say hi; leaves without any goodbyes
Would leave you hopeless and empty inside
He gives and he takes but never explains why
Loneliness is that fucking guy that'd fuck with your mind