What's wrong babe...what are you thinking about?
Nothing baby... Just watching the waves.

That winter morning, seemed like the morming before.
There seemed nothing special about that Wednesday morning
She woke up, made breakfast, fed the kids
Drop the kids off at school, drove her husband to work
On her way back home; she picked up some grocery...
She was carrying her bags to her apartment when
a man she never seen before asked her if she needed help
She quickly said "no I got it, thanks."
She walked in her apartment, locked her door and as she's
putting her grocery away, someone ran the door bell
She asked "who is it?" but no one answered
She looked through the peekhole but the face was unfamiliar
She opened the door, and there he was "The Stranger"
Looking in her eyes with a cup in his hand, " Hello Neighbor, may I some sugar"
She smiled, as she grab his cup, slowly closing the door
She looked at her door wondering why she even opened it
She smiled again, "OMG he's so cute" she whispered to herself
She filled the cup with sugar and quickly walked to the door
She opens the door and he was just standing there looking at her
She looks at him but can't stop smiling...
"What's so funny?" He asked.
"Nothing" She replied
"What's your name? ".
"I'm married, My name is not important. Here's your sugar".
"Thanks" he said as he taking 
the cup, he grabbed on her hand 
She slowly slipped her hand away as their eyes met again
"I gotta go" she interrupted their eyes conversation and closes the door
That whole morning she thought about him, but she prayed she didn't see him
when she went outside to pickup the kids from school
It was a quiet evening when her husband came home
she seemed absent; lost in her thoughts
But husband didn't notice anything wrong
I guess he didn't paid too much attention to her
The next morning, another morning, the same routine
with the exception that she was late and didn't shower before she left
She came home and jump in the shower when the door bell ran
She knew it was him, The Stranger, it was almost like she was waiting for him
Her heart skipped a beat, she cut the water off and wrapped herself in a robe
she walked to the door as she yelled out "who is it"
No one answer... just a louder bang on the door
She opened...and there he was... The Stranger, looking at her full of desires
No words were said...all of a sudden he walked up to her
Closing the door behind him, he puts his index on her lips "shhhh..."
Please I need you today"
"I can't do this... I'm married. PLEASE GO" she says as she tries to walk away
But it was too late, there was no where to go, The Stranger was inside her head
He puts his hands on her arms and gently but firmly grabs her towards him
He aggressively looked in her eyes but gently kissed her
She responded with her tongue,  They passionately kissed
which seemed to be sweeting all her bitter doubts and sour fears
"This ain't right, you gotta go" she whispered as she moan in his ear
"I can't Ma, I want to go but I Just can't leave now"
"My Husband will kill us"
"I'm ready to take that chance Ma ...I can't get you off my mind"
He licked on her neck as he slowly unwrapped her robe
She was out of words, tears ran down her face as she got lost in the waves
"Do you want me to stop" He asked afraid that she might had felt violated
"No please, make love to me" She replied with a smile and teary eyes
He wiped off her tears, as he innocently kissed on her eyelid
"Are you sure you wan't to do this" He asked afraid that she may regret it
"Please don't asked me again, make love to me, please make feel like a desired woman again"
Without realizing it the kitchen became a bedroom, the table a bed, and their body's
became one. There was no more words shared, just kisses, tongue, penetration, soft moans and touch. It went from the kitchen, to the shower, from the shower to the couch, from the couch to the bedroom, from the bed to the floor. The Stranger left his prints on every room in her apartment; on every inch of her body and in the fervor of her thoughts, whipping her mind like waves against rocks.

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