Last night it was raining, lighting and thundering;
 I was so cold, my body was shivering;
I wished you were here holding me.
Your body closed to mine, our hands wondering

Suddenly, I heard the bedroom door closed,
I looked up, and there you were looking right at me.
I looked at you, I was so needy, but yet full of passion.
You just stood there waiting for me to start the action

All of a sudden, I wasn’t cold anymore…
The blanket came off and so did my night garment.
I lay on my back as my fingers travelled around my body.
I touched and as I touched my kitty got soak.

I asked you to come in the bed and just please me.
I removed your clothes as we keenly kissed.
You rubbed your fingers through my hair,
Sliding your index down my face you placed it on my lips,
I slowly sucked on it; imagining it was your stick

Then again, why imagine it when it was calling for me?
 I placed my wet lips around it. I stroked it up and down
as I felt some fluid cum out; I relished the taste in my mouth.
Sliding my tongue down your stick, I licked your balls...
Damn baby please make me yours!

You passionately pushed me on the bed and opened my legs.
You took a sip of a juice that was spilt when I sucked on your stick.
 Like a living fountain the more you sucked the more I cum.
 I felt my cum juice dripping down my leg to the bed
And just when you were about to put it in,
 I woke up and you wasn’t next to me.
 Damn baby it was all a wet dream!!!


  1. That was fucking hot! you make me wonder lol

  2. Thank you. wonder what...exactly? lol

  3. That was excellent

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