Hey baby...I'm so glad you agreed to meet me here
For a second... I doubted you would come  
It has been so long and so many things had changed 
But I can't get you out of my head...and believe me, I've tried
My body is begging for your lips have a taste for a blow 
My kitty is constantly asking me when it's going to feel you again 
We said goodbye last time, and believe me, I totally get it
Although you'd shared with me your body; your heart belong to her
This may sound a little wrong, but I'm not asking you for love
I wanna go deeper than making love; Baby can you tear it up?
I be a flower, and you a bee, take you long proboscis and take a sip
Baby, I know she needs you... but I want you with all my breath 

I wanna feel you one last time... can I please have you tonight?
I wanna feel your lips on my lips; your body against mine
 Your hands caressing my body and your lips devouring it
Close your eyes baby. Can you feel your body temperature rising?
No! Please don't speak... allow my lips to melt your worries
let the passion of my lips dispel your doubt with every touch 
Lay me on this bed, take my body, and make me yours;
Baby we don't have to make Love; make it a great fuck 

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