Mr Jump Swagga got it going on... 
Something about his eyes and his pretty smile 
got ya girl going buckwild; don't let me get into his intellect
He puts my mind to the test; I like his body but I love his head 
when he talk I listen... when he write i read
Can Mr Jump swagga be exactly what I need?
He can be my FWB, my BF, my lover, or just my everything
I wanna fuck him so bad; his intelligence turns me on

I may be shy when the clothes are on
but when they come off trust me, I transform
this amateur, shy woman turns into a pro 
I got a dick sucking diploma; my lips would put him in a coma
My vicious mouth made 20/20 vision niggas get glacoma
Can someone please tell Mr Jump swagga 
I would deep throat him and I am not afraid to swallow!!!
I would have him singing notes as my tongue make him explode
And when we get down to the intercourse.... ummm

I want him to hit it from the back, yeah that doggy style...
Positioning his body between my legs, my ass in the air, stomach on the bed
Him playing with my clit and breast while he kneeling behind me, hitting my G-spot
Pulling my hair while I throw it back; I want him fucking me deep and hard 
switching it up making me have multiple orgasms; hitting it left, right, from the side 
Him watching me ride it from the back, slapping my phat ass; and I making it clap
my juices dripping from his stick to his balls, and me licking them dry 
but it would be almost impossible since he'd cuming hard

A big load of cum and one more to go....
No time to rest, he would be on top facing away... dick all in my face
Gotta take it all in my mouth, since his dick probably'd be soft I'd give it a few lips stroke
And when is nice and hard,  I stay on my back uplifting my leg; open and spread
He lowers his body between my legs, his head going towards my feet, hitting in reverse
That shit'd feel so crazy it'd make the back of my knees wet; have him cuming in seconds
Can I get a night or maybe an hour; I'll make it worth your while Mr Jump Swagga

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