My dear friend…
Is crazy how you make me feel
I lay on my bed wishing...
Hoping you would be laying next to me
Damn Baby, and like a sweet wet dream
I visualize the lovemaking scene
There is a you, a me, I wish there were an us
I fantasize about your smell, your touch,  
your taste… I know it would be great my dear friend
If only you could read my mind
And see how I think about you all da time
You would see how bad I wanna make you mine 
How I would stimulate your body and mind 
You would see how I would start…
No ending until you satisfy
Come lay next to me my dear friend;
Close your eyes, and let’s fantasize
Can you see the sun is jealous of us?
He lights up your day I light up your life
He can touch you but I get to feel you
He burns your skin but I burn your desire
He kisses your skin but I taste your lips
He gives you energy but I energize your soul
Let the sun be Jealous of our love
Loose control and let's make love
Love me without doubts, without fear
My dear friend the night  is near; I love you

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