I can't explain what's going on within me

but I don't think or feel the same
I know something about me have changed
I feel so different; if like if a sensual, exotic,
but sweet woman has awakened in me
and has overwhelmed the girl that I've always been
My dream became a fantasy; my fantasy became a promise,
and that promise is now my reality; my cruel beautiful reality
I was trapped in the net of a dream but you've broken the net
and had set my mind, body and soul free,
but only free to love you for I am now a prisoner
A prisoner locked in a cell of sweet memories,
few hours that would now last an eternity
You've nailed your skin to my skin and your lips to my lips;
and you've penetrated your words into my mind like a sword through a rock
Please do not unzipped my heart and fill it with fear
Fear; the unknown feeling of not having you near
I don't want to wakeup one day and realize you were never here;
and what I believe is so truth would disappear
For I believe you was a dream that has become a reality
You’re my reality!

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