It may seem like I'm bragging
or maybe I sound a little vain
The truth is that I'm not your average gurl
My Shit is really the bomb...

I can make your explode with just one little blow
My head game is so sick I'll have you pre-cummin
before my lips stroke your stick
My head game is Vicious; I'm a beast with my tongue
My Shit is really the bomb...

It goes beyond a sexual encounter
My Sh!t is like the Bellagio fountain
You don't have to go to Vegas to enjoy the water show
Oh wait a minute this is not even water this is all cummm
Can you feel my flood; down your throat
My Sh!t is really the bomb...

I heard nothing but good things about my rodeo riding techniques
Fucckk around I'll have you screaming like if u were my b!tch
They say I have the perfect azzz to take them back shots
I know how to throw it back; so you gotta bring it hard
I also been told I'm very flexible for a big gurl
your gurl can also take the pain; You'd neva hear me say it hurts
Don't really need anyone to tell me how talented I am
and I'm not the type to brag but I know what I got
My Sh!t is really the bomb...

Telling you through my poetry my Shit is really the bomb
I's not an invitation to my bed; so papi slow your row...
Your gurl may be a little freaky but she ain't a hoe
Can you appreciate my Love scenes on paper?
the essence of free writing; the art of making love
Now what you my Sh!t really the bomb?

By: GiGi
Inspired by: ...
copyrighted: 3/6/12

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