Have you ever loved someone so much;
that even though you know they not coming back
Your heart still looks back, hoping?
That’s how I feel about him...

I was at the club with my gurls the other night
Nails done, hair done, everything did
I was feeling myself, even had a couple of drinks
Dance with a few guys and tried not to think about him
I was laughing, having a good time, then our song came on
“The song we always played when we made sweet love”
I remember like yesterday, his last words before he left
Baby girl, you know well you're my boo
Te prometo que en mi mente estaras tu”

3 yrs has gone by and I don’t know where you are
You never called or send a letter or a postcard
You said, “Mi cielo it’s not over Don't you cry”
I cry cause I know someone else got your heart
The thought of you is always on my mind
I still want to believe you’re coming back
But then again I’m afraid cause also said
“Sometimes in life you don’t get what you want”
I guess you were right….

I wonder if I come to mind when you hear our song
“The song we always played when we made sweet love”
You said, “If tomorrow you feel lonely it's ok
te prometo princesita volvere”
What happened to the promised you made?
I miss you, you not here, and I just wanna cry
I can’t hold my tears when I hear our lullaby
“Aquella cancion de amor Que nos fascina a los dos
The song we always play when we make sweet love”
Vuelve mi amor I can’t let go…

By: Gigi
Ispired by: Our Song by Aventura
Copyright: 2012 

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