You're sitting on the couch with a smile on you face…
I'm standing in front of you without saying a word 
I'm looking in your eyes; you're looking into mine 
You wrap your hands around my thigh, grabbin on my a$$
I, turned on by your touch start to give you a lap dance;
my waist movin in circles, my a$$ rubbing on your cock.
My breasts all in your face and rubbing against your chest 
you're pulling on my hair while kissing on my neck
we're bumping and grinding to a slow song in our head 
your cock is so hard, my kitty is so wet…

I forgot to mentioned that at some point clothes came off 
it happened so fast but now let's just take it slow 
I want to learn your body boy, there's no need to rush
We can start on the couch, and take it to the floor'
we can go in the shower but just don't close the door
Our body under the water, wet, yet in flames
I'm licking the drops off your lips; you're sipping it off my tits 
you're going down my stomach, imbibing on my clit
I want to take it slow but I just loose control
You push my body against the wall 
Giving me some long fast strokes 
I'm about to cumm...

Let's take it to the kitchen on top of the stove 
but remember baby, I want it nice and slow 
I'm making you mine…baby make me yours 
Let's take it to the bedroom let's become one
One body, one soul, one lip, one tongue
Tonight we're making love... all night long
I'm poisoning your fantasy with my magical tongue

Inspired by: Shhh lol 

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