Last Spring I went to Greece... 
a coworker and I decided to go for Spring Break
She just had a divorce and I was getting over a breakup
We both needed to get our mind off work and just have fun
I was very excited about the trip and so was Janice
We arrived at Chania airport "Crete here I come"
we arrived at the Lato Boutique Hotel,  I grabbed a drink,
got in a sexy two piece and jumped in the jacuzzi
Janice jumped in the shower and went down to the bar
I told her I would meet her there later; just wanted to relax
fall back,  possibly play with my kitty and let out some stress
I  closed my eyes and sat back, my kitty got hot
I took of my bottom and left on the top
I positioned myself so my kitty was right on top of the jet
but it was so intense, I couldn't just stay still
I moved up and down the jet massaging my pussy and clit
I open my leg wide to let the water go deep inside
and when I turned around and spread my ass that shit was insane
I came in a second, didn't know that a jacuzzi can be so pleasing (lol)
that shit felt better than my fingers, than any vibrator or dildo
So I got up jumped in the shower, got dressed and head to the bar
I got in and I see Janice sitting at a table with three sexy guys
I walked over to the table and she is like "this is my friend Ginette? "
I was just wondering who were these men and what was she doing?
But they seemed nice and we were having a good time "fuck it"
I needed to get over my grieve and was so excited about this trip
I just knew it was going to be an unforgettable experience
After a few rounds of Martini and a couple of Tequila shots
My mind went semi-blank I don't record leaving the bar
Or how Janice, and I ended up in bed with one of the guys
What happened to the other two; how we ended up in the hotel room?
I never asked Janice and we never talk about that night in Greece
There's really not a clear memory but I remember sharing a kiss with Janice
well a few passionate kisses while the guy who name I don't record
watched us and he pacely stroke his dick; she sucked on my tits
I wanted her to stop; my body was unfamiliar to woman's touch
But the more she sucked on my nipples the more I wanted her to go on
She slid her tongue down my stomach; making sharp stops with her lips
She made a full stop on my clit; sucking, licking and softy nibbling on it
She looked up at me and I saw my juices dripping down her chin
She goes back down for a lick, I picked her head up and met her for a kiss
My cum tasted so sweet on her lips; I laid her back and spread her legs open
and when I go apple bobbing for her kitty, he beat me to it
I still went for it, meeting him on her kitty for a mindblowing kiss
then going back at it like two starving dogs fighting for a bone;
our lips strive for her clit, He beats me to it,  I go for dick;
I place my lips on it and stroke it rapidly...
"Slow down you going to make me cum" he said, which, I didn't understand
I thought that was the whole point (smile) i gave it a nice and soft blow
then it was time to change position, he laid on his back,
I sat on his face while Janice ride on his big hard dick
Her screaming and moaning made me want some of that
so I get on my back, he jumps on top of me as Janice
put her lips and lips; then one of her tits in my mouth
He fucked me and the harder he hit it the more I sucked on her
I stopped didn't want to cum just yet; I get on my knees
he gets behind my ass to hit it doggy style and Janice
slid under me in a 69 position she was begging me to
eat that pussy; and I implored he beat it up and make me cum
It was the best orgasm I ever experienced; my clit was throbbing 
I couldn't hold myself from screaming, I was moaning and yelling 
 my body was shivering and my pussy was squirting 
Janice was moaning and so was him "Let it out, give it to me" he plead 
We all came at the same time and then everyone got dressed; no words was said 
and everyone went their separate ways; I went in the shower, Janice stayed in
the bed, the man got dressed and left and till today neither Janice or I 
had mentioned what happened that night in Crete, Greece

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