My name is John, I’m a college student at __ University. My friends Carlos and I have been friends since kindergarten, we’ve always love basketball and bitches. Carlos and I are very tight; we do just about everything together and when we party, we party big. Carlos’s fiancée Nicole and I are also close; I would say they are my best friends. Carlos and I both met Nicole in high school; she was in my science class and in his history class. We both liked Nicole but Carlos bagged her; I guess she like them Rico suave guys. (Ha-ha) 

        Carlos and I play in the __University basketball team. After winning a game that landed us in The National Semi-finals, a party was thrown to celebrate. Everybody was there! Music, alcoholic, girls, drugs... and everything were popping in the party! Carlos was dancing Regueton with Jackie, one of the cheerleaders in the college’s basketball team. Nicole got real upset, her and Carlos got into a very heated argument because she felt disrespected by Carlos and Jackie’s indecent way of dancing. She ran out of the party and drove away in Carlos’s car. I quickly offered Carlos a ride home because knowing his Puerto Rican ass he would’ve just stay in the party and dealt with Nicole later. I drove him home but when we got there Nicole didn’t opened the door. We headed back to the party and continued the celebration. I was on the dance floor with Millie, another cheerleader from the basketball team. When I looked to my right I saw Carlos making out with Jackie

“Oh shit this nigga is gonna get kill” I said to myself.

Words get around and everybody in campus knows Carlos and Nicole go together; they’ve been living together since we graduated from high school. Anyways, I pulled Carlos to the side

“yo dog, what the fuck are you doing?”
 “Relax nigga I’m having fun. I ma take this bitch to your spot” he replied.

“yo my nigga, let’s get out of here you’re drunk; Nicole would kill you if she finds out”

 “you said it nigga, if she find out. Jackie already said she ain’t saying anything. You and I gonna leave to your crib now, She and Millie are gonna play it off and chill here for another hour, and then meet us there. Come on dog I’ve been wanted to hit that pussy for the longest and I know you wanna fuck Millie. So are you down or what?”

 “yo letz go nigga”. Carlos and I say bye to everybody and left the party.

I was a little twisted but Carlos was fuckup! Nigga was like

 “yo lets hit ths Heny while we wait for these hoes.”

 I wasn’t gonna sit there for a whole hour just looking at the nigga’s face so I was like “aiight pour me a glass.”

           We were getting fuckup waiting for these bitches to come over. All of sudden I start getting sleepy and shit. So I kind of dose off (not sure for how long) So About 10 minutes later or maybe less, I saw Millie walked in. I was in my room, in my bed lying on my back. Her gorgeous, sexy ass was in front of my bed in her cheerleader dress just looking at me. I didn’t know whether to jump up and grab her or just stay there and let her do what she does. I always fantasized about Millie in my bed, provoking all my senses in that short, sexy cheerleader dress. I found myself trapped in her sassiness. I couldn’t believe she was there… in my room ready to just do what ever. She sat on the bed without saying a word. I wanted to say so much but no words came out of mouth. Slowly, gradually she approached me. Looking right in my eyes, and caressed my face. Rubbed her hand on my chest, sensually massaging my body. I wanted to kiss her but I was afraid that would scare her away. I didn’t want to move too fast yet I was afraid I was moving too slow; looking in her eyes full of passion and desire I put my lips on hers. Her soft lips came together with mine. Her lips tasted like fresh apples, moving in accord with mines, giving me a silent message. Her tongue went so deep down my through making me want to kiss her over and over again. I didn't want to stop I'm not sure if it was because it felt so good or cause I didn’t want her to look in my eyes and notice I was so ready to cum. We kissed for a while. I wanted to touch her spot; I wanted to make her mine. I was afraid if she touches the right spot I would just bust and become the joke of everyone in campus that Monday.

           Damn…she touched my nipples with her wet tongue. I was about to loose it, I intended to talk when she putted her hand on my naked garden. Stroking it as licked and nibbled on my nipples. She got on her knees and started licking my already hard banana; she was licking, nibbling, sucking, I don’t know she was doing a whole lot to the head; my balls blown with pleasure, increasing the size of my forbidden fruit.

“Where am I? Damn … I don’t know. ”  I thought for a second.

           I decided to put an end to the debate in my head; and I joined her. Her beautiful firmed breasts, stood like two British soldiers. I grabbed the left one; softly pulled on her nipple as my tongue drew a circle around the right one. The feelings I was having weren't normal; I never felt that way before, at that moment it was the most incredible thing I've ever experience, it was strange, like I was making love, sexing, fucking, boning, her yet I wasn’t inside her. I felt like I was falling in a dark hole without anything to grab on to. All the touching and licking on my banana, was driving me crazy, my moan translated into it own language: “mmmm ohhh aahhhhh mmmm fuck.” I was about to blast; was ready to explode in her mouth. I grab her long, braided hair, and boost the speed of her mouth on my dick…10 sec, 9 sec, 8 sec, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. I screamed so loud that I woke up.


           The vision of Millie vanished and I saw Carlos, my best friend holding my penis, his tongue was on it, my white juice all over his mouth. I was so horrified that I kicked him in the face. I jumped up … ready to kick his ass when I hear a loud knock on the door, man it were the girls… that fucking fag fucked my head up. I swear on my mom I would never get drunk with a dude in my life! Guys read and learn, and please don't blame it on the alcohol… One shining moment can turn out to be a very dark moment. Watch Out! (lol)       
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