She stepped into my office after I had her summoned. I asked her to shut the door behind her and to close the blinds. She, without saying a word walked to the window and does just that. I motioned a chair in front of me,

“Sit please” I told her as I pickup the phone and call my secretary “Jackie, please forward all calls to voicemail and hold all scheduled meetings, I wish not to be disturbed please”

I turn to her and ask what's wrong because her sales numbers were down. She went on and on with numerous excuses.

“How are we supposed to deal with this? “

“There are two ways to deal with that anticipation Sir. I can go home without pay for the two days or I could do something for you that can makeup for the sales drops” She replied, licking her lips in a very seductive tone.

“ Does that include your body?” I asked this as I lick my lips too, walking up to her, brandishing my huge member. I told her to open her mouth but she continued to work like she was having second thoughts about her sweet offer. So I came around my desk and locked the door, dropped my pants with my underwear to the floor and step out of them. I walked up to her with my throbbing prick in my hand.  She looked at me in lust; I squeezed her breast, and then flicked her nipples causing them to become erect. I placed my cock in her mouth.

“Suck it real good “ I whispered as I unbuttoned her blouse and remove her breasts from their fabric prison.  

I lean down and take one of them into my mouth and suck on it like it's not going to happen again before my wandering eyes. I gave an approving whistle as I grab her ass cheeks.  Her mouth ministration's soon have me pumping a string of cum in your mouth. I pull out then assist her in standing up. I then removed her clothes as we shared a passionate kiss. I lifted her up and sat her on my desk. I then kneel in front of her and dive into her fresh smelling mound. I first licked on her clit for a while until her moaning turned to clamping her legs around my head as a massive orgasm overtook her.

Next, I slid down a little lower and started lapping up the juices have excreted into my mouth as my fingers took over where my tongue was at her feet up and down. She saw what I was doing and took charge; I watched her pleasured herself, fingers in and out, and juices splashing out. I stood up and picked up her legs and took a firm grip of her ankle. I placed my hard again cock in between the curved part of her sexy pretty feet.  I grab my cock, rubbed it around her wet tight pussy hole and push it deep inside.  I was soon near the point of exploding again but this time I wanted it to cum in her, so I released her feet and legs and lined up my pink hard head at her tight juicy cunt. I picked up her legs up at her knees gave me better access to her tight hole and I start to press my cock inside of her as she yelling...

 “ Fuck me baby, give me that big dick! It feels so good”

I increased the speed, pushing my member balls deep inside of her, I felt like I was going to cum so I pulled back, slowing the sleep. Then I putted it in and out, and then back in several times slowly picking up speed. Then I felt her creamed all over my dick and I released all in her buzz box. Now her ass cheeks would forever be engraved on my desk.

This Story is a collaboration of an Anonymous guest (a friend) 
and myself (Gigi)

You are welcome to send your stories to Crystalwords4u@gmail.com 
Please specify if you'd like to be credited on this site using your name or remain anonymous. I'm always open for collab but please keep in mind we're making a story not having sex. Thanks in advance.


  1. This story is fucking hot, I love the way you describe the scene. Makes a nigga feel like he's there with you. Now I need a cold shower!!!

  2. lol thank you I really appreciate the comment

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