Again, he thought as he started to fall asleep. His wife of ten years said  " no" to him again. He wanted her just as much as he did when they first dated and she would suck his cock dry in the back of her Honda civic. He loved her, she was his wife his lover  and the mother of his children. Rationalizing with himself he thought that they still have Fuck a lot way more then the other dads A fact he didn't brag about to the wayward dads who's wives would rather shop the fuck. He knew he was lucky but still she said " no" and that wouldn't stand. 

He heard her brushing her teeth in the bathroom going through the usual routine wiping her make up off. He had to have her. He got out of bed and walked outside the bathroom door silently waiting to hear her gaggle the minty mouth wash.  He needed her and she need him she just didn't know it. He looked at her night gown full of heaving breasts that he had grown to love. When they first met she was a b cup at most now she was a D and he enjoyed nothing more then fucking them and cumming into her mouth watching her cheeks suck in his hot jizz. He has a picture of her tits covered in his cum he keeps on his phone he looks at at work. His friends make fun of him. He once got drunk at a poker game and said he jerked off to the thought of her. He loved her he needed her so when she says no he wants her even more. He creeps up behind her slowly, she pretends not to see him slink but she know he's there.  He rushes up on her startling her and whispers in her ear " i know you need to feel me inside you don't you ever say no to me again" He lifted her night gown up as she leans forward preparing to take all of him. He pulls down her  panties just below her ass she lets out a breath knowing what's coming next. He pulls his pants down and she tries to turn her head to see the throbbing cock she knows and loves to play with but he says no " look at me baby look at my eyes I want you too see my expression when I ram into you"  He slams into her in one thrust as she cries out in pleasure. He grabs her hair and pulls it back and begins to rhythmically slam his fat cock into her tight juicy hole. She can here the squishy sounds of her cum coating his cock as he pushes his dick in and out over and over " I can't take it" he says " Im going to cum in you"  after about 3 minutes. She continues to moan not even forming words just wanting to feel his prick pulsate and release inside of her. Just as he is about to cum he leans into her and whispers in her ear " you never say no to me again" He jerks his head back and grabs her hips  cumming what  like gallons. She can feel it shooting in her. He backs off and pulls his cum soaked dick out and she can feel his seed leaving her pussy in thick ropy globs  " lean over the counter " he says. She does as he commands as he finds her clit with his finger and rubs it from behind. It only takes a few seconds as he uses his cum for lube to make her Gush. She exhales softly as all the life leaves her body. He steps back and pulls her panties up and whispers one last thing to her as she lays on the counter in a heap. " don't you dare change your panties I want you to feel me dripping out of you all night" she nods her head "yes" because that's all she can do but secretly she was going to do that anyway because she belongs to him and he belongs to her . As the word " no" is silently erased from her brain she slips into bed and falls asleep wrapped in his arms feeling his cum ooze out of her like some remnant of her punishment.

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