As I stand there, waiting for the elevator door to open, dreading the workday ahead. The doors open and I walk in, seeing you there in the corner. I walk to the other corner of the elevator as you glance my way and look back down. The elevator begins to head up and starts to fill up quickly. I move closer to you as you grab my hand and pull me in behind you. You standing there were wearing a black skirt and a blue blouse button up just enough to cover your breasts. As I stand there, I feel you push closer to me rubbing your ass up against me, wanting to feel my cock, as it gets bigger for you. You grab my hands and slide them up along your legs and under your skirt. I now have my hands sliding up your thighs and around the front. I slide one gently over your panties, which I now know are silk, as you lean back and softly moan in my ear. More people get on and off the elevator, as we are closer than ever. 

You lay back against me and I can see your breasts wanting to be released from under your bra and blouse. You begin to rub harder against me as my cock has now become fully erect and you can tell it is thick beneath my pants. Soon the elevator is empty and I quickly hit the emergency button to stop it and to close us up inside. You quickly turn and unzip and unbutton my pants as you push them quickly down to the floor releasing my thick cock and you drop down and grab it to stroke it quickly. I reach down and begin to unsnap the buttons on your shirt and unsnap your bra, allowing your perky breasts to pop out and breathe. I soon fell your tongue sliding up and down over my shaft as you take me deep into your mouth. You begin to suck my cock hard and fast as I arch back and soon shoot a hot thick load of cum down the back of your throat. You smile as you look up and I grab your hair and slowly pull you up and push you face forward against the elevator, pulling your skirt up and pulling your panties to the side as I drop down to return the favor. 

Your hands grab the back of my head and push it deep inside your legs. I tease your slit with my tongue as you moan and I swirl my tongue faster around your clit, then sliding it down around your fat swollen pussy lips. You feel my tongues going around and around them and slapping against your asshole every once in awhile. You are squirming and placing your legs up onto the rails as you get wetter and wetter and my tongue slides deeper and harder into your pussy. Soon I have you squirming and your pussy muscles tightening as you build toward climax. Soon you are cumming hard onto my face and tongue.

 I stand up and turn you around and pick you as you wrap your legs around my waist and I press up against you. You feel my cock sliding against your wet pussy as I rub it back and forth and soon slowly slide inside you, letting you feel every thick inch. Soon we are both in rhythm thrusting back and forth, I can feel your juices splashing against my cock with each thrust. Your moans begin to get louder as I pound your pussy harder and faster. Your legs wrap tighter around my waist as your back slides against the elevator and my mouth is wrapped around your succulent breast, sucking and nibbling on your nipples. I feel you pushing harder against my cock as you begin to climax. I thrust hard one last time and we both cum hard. We fall to the floor into each other’s arms. We rest there for a bit, before standing up and getting ourselves dressed again. We kiss and move apart as I push the button to allow the elevator to start up against. The door opens to your floor and you quickly step off and head to work. As the elevator moves down to my floor, I don't dread the day anymore...

Thank You Mark 

for sharing such a sexy story

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