Last Saturday when I was on my way home from the club I got pulled over by a cop. I couldn’t believe my fucking luck; I was literally at two lights away from my house when I got stopped for apparently, running a red light, which I still believe, was yellow. 

I knew I was going to jail, DUI without a license…yeah, no doubt I was going in. When the officer open the door to get out the car, I was just saying, “Please God let it be a man and alone, please, please” When he walked to the window and asked, “Do you know why you got pulled over Mrs.?” I froze, didn’t know what to say but I knew I had to do something quick, it was all or nothing, besides either way the situation was looking really bad for me.

 All of sudden, I just came out and said “I live two blocks from here…alone. And you’re welcome to come over.”

 Officer looked straight at me and without any sympathy, he said “license and registration, please”. I pretended I was looking in my purse for my license but my nerves gave me up.

“Ma’am. Have you been drinking? Please step out the vehicle? He demanded in a very deep, firmed voice.

I came out the car, stumbling, and very nervous. I intended to speak when the officer interrupted me and said, “How far you said you live from here?”

“ I live two blocks from here, on Monroe Ave. and 175th st. you are very welcome to cum“ I implied as I bit my bottom lip in a very seductive way.

“Ma'am you’re intoxicated. I’m not going to arrest you but you can’t drive this vehicle. I’ll escort you to your destination.” He said while escorting me inside his police car.

At that point I was just wondering why he was still talking to me so formal when it was clearly he was accepting my invitation. But to my big surprise we got to the house, he walked me to the door and said. “Have a safe night ma’am.”
I was so confused but glad I was not getting arrested. I said thank you and ran inside before he could possibly change his mind.

 I was so drunk; I could hardly make it to the bathroom. I took off my clothes and jumped in the shower. Water running down my head as I was getting hornier just thinking about all the possible shit I would’ve done to that cop if he wanted to; right on the back of the police car.

Is that doorbell? No I’m tripping who’s going to come over at this time?

OMG! It was the door…and it was he, the cop. I opened the door wrapped in a towel and with no words, no questions; he walked in, greeting me with a passionate kiss. He threw me on the couch and without even removing the towel went straight for the clit. Pleasing me with his tongue and thumbs, completely surrendering my will to his desired. He tongued his way up to my breast; squeezing, sucking, licking all over my big hard nipples and full breasts. He jumped up, placed his gun on the sofa table, and took off his police uniform, leaving it on floor with his underwear. He sat on my stomach, sliding his 9 inches between my breasts. He confined his jailbird in my cleavage, making it a prisoner of my boobs. He wanted to let loose, sliding it and stroking it, pushing the two breasts together going in and out as my lips met his cock with some tongue and lips action as it popup from my breast. My lips made love to his throbbing cock, and my throat swallowed him whole. And just when he was about to cum, he laid me on the couch, opened my legs wide, licking my dripping wet pussy. Rubbing me out with his tongue and fingers. I wrapped my legs around his head arching my back as he shoved his cock deep in my pussy, breaking his way in my tight deep tunnel. He finally got in after a few strokes and then it seemed like he couldn’t get away. Like if my pussy was locking in his cock, I could feel his throbbing cock ready to explode inside of me.

“Damn ma, your pussy is squeezing my dick ...I can't pull it out ...it feel so fucking good and it’s soooo damn tight.”

He whispered in my ear and I began to cum. And he pushed his cock harder in and out of me, plunging it deep in my pussy and exploding filling it with sweet cum. Yeah it was sweet, he took his cock out of my pussy and rubbed it on my lips.... mmm it was sweet indeed.


  1. Makes me wish I was a cop and could uphold the "long" arm of the law. What a way to serve and protect the citizens.

  2. You have a very naughty mind. Keep writing, you got something good here.
    This is my favorite one!

  3. Thank you guys I really appreciate the feedback

  4. That's the way to pay cab drivers as well... Loved it..x


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