After unsuccessfully pursuing this guy I was interested in and trying the impossible to get him to notice me; I gave myself an advice and would like to share it with you guys. DON’T CHANGE your appearance for NO ONE… loosing or gaining weight, changing your hair color or adding a little bit of meat here and there to your body to impress someone would only leave you feeling worse about your self.  NEVER stop being YOURSELF or change your personality for a man, if he gonna love you, make sure he love you for you. Men are C.C.C Confused Contradictory Creatures; it’s never about what you do for them but what you don’t do that MATTERS. Telling and showing a man you care more than he thinks you should, will only land you in a CRAZY BITCH position.

        LADIES, It's okay to let a man know you're interested, but showing too much interest may make him less interested in you. When someone really likes you, you don't have to try so hard. If you have to try hard to get his ATTENTION, mostly you'd never get it. You would get his eyes, a few hours, a kiss or even the DICK, but not his undivided attention. Some of you would disagree with this, and that is fine because there're always exceptions. For those of you that are okay with an eye glance, a ONE-NIGH STAND, or just some head trying TOO HARD might work out.

        I couple of years ago, I was seeing this guy; in the beginning stage of the relationship, he got in trouble with the law and ended up going to jail. (I always had this thing for bad boys, DON’T JUDGE ME.) He asked me to mail him some pictures, I wrote him a very erotic letter and sent him some sexy pictures of myself. He immediately wrote back to me and in the letter he asked me to please send him at least one more pictures of my face. Ladies, I can't even explain to you how that made me feel. I was trying so hard that I looked DESPERATE, nasty and stupid. I only sent him one pictures of half of my face, mos pictures where aiming to showoff my PHAT ASS, and my beautiful LUSCIOUS BREAST. (How SAD) He told me in his letter he was thankful for the pics and that he like my body but that he love my beautiful smile, and would've enjoy more looking at my pretty face. Can someone shout “SLUT”? Amen.


  1. Calling and texting more than he’s replying of calling you
  2. Coming around uninvited or popping up at place you know he’d be at
  3. Constantly calling or asking his friends question about him
  4. Suggesting sex, asking him over or using sexting to get him to show interest
  5. Facebooking him, E-mailing him, texting him, following his tweets, driving by his house, or in any way attempting to initiate some kind of contact
  6. Stalking: Let him breath, give him space, let him think. Maybe he likes you but you don't give him a chance to realize that
       CHASING A MAN or putting yourself out there can really intimidate a man and push him away. You probably always heard people say “TRY HARD NEVER GIVEUP” but the truth is some things just aren't going to work out no matter how hard you try. YOU have to learn how to identify these things before it leads you to obsession and stalking. When you chase a man, you not only tend to push him away but you don't give him the chance to show you how HE honestly feels about YOU.

       DON'T CHASE A MAN, let him chase you, MEN LOVE THAT SHIT. It’s in a men nature to be competitive; they love the thrill of going after a great price and having something to brag about. An EASY GIRL is like a price anyone who attends the competition can have, and no one aims for that. Everyone wants to go after THE BIG TROPHY; the confident woman in the room, who knows she got it and don't give a damn who else agree. MEN LOVE THAT SHIT.

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