Yesterday, I found him without searching...
The minute I saw him, I knew he was the guy
He told me he was single, as free as the sky
He promised to never hurt me, I wasn't shy
There was no doubts or fear, no how or why
Tomorrow wasn't important, yesterday flew by
It took with it the colors, I see it black and white

Today, we are together...
No need for promises, we go by the vibe
We do things... things I'm not going to describe
Let's put it like this..I'm his Bonnie, he's my Clyde
I don't know how you didn't see it, we didn't hide
Wish I could paint for you a picture, but is black and white

Tomorrow, I'd still be here...
I hear what you're saying, ok, he told me lies
He's the father of your children, you're his wife
I can do nothing, it's too late now, go fly a kite
I'm sorry Mrs, your guy is now my life
I can't let him go,  I'm his and he's mine
I'm color blind, all I see is black and white

Photo by: Randy Wisky

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