Baby, meet me at the playground for a little foreplay.
Hurry don't be late, I can't wait to see you again.
I'm really anxious to play; crawl our way into the playhouse
 for some privacy just in case someone is watching 
 Tonight I want some intimacy, I'm going to kiss my way to ecstasy
Let you pull up my little dress and play with my breasts.
 I ma call your body my seesaw
watch how your kid go up as my lips go down.
 And when you ready to get down,
 let me know so you can play in my sandbox.
 Make my waist your roundabout,
 and when it starts to spin, jump on the swing of my hips.
  Grab your kid and slide it down my slippery dip.
  Yeah push it down real deep. Oh, I just love the way you feel.
 I'll lay on my back and let you get on top,
 I'll wrap my legs around you like a chin-up bar.
  Then we'll get up on our feet, right before you turn me around
share another sweet kiss, then bend me over and lick.
Then pull my arms back, and climb up on that ass
 like it was a monkey bar.
 Yeah baby punish my little girl, prison guard style.
  Now lay on the ground, I'm jumping on the spring rider,
 wait is that a horse?
 Cause I'm ready to ride it reverse cowgirl till you cum. 
 Then I'll go for some ice cream, chocolate pop, vanilla on the top

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