Another night, laying on my bed; I can't get any sleep.
I turn the radio on, its playing a song that makes me think...
Suddenly, the thoughts start flashing and I start to reminisce.
The song is saying exactly how I feel; I need you here with me.

She walks in my room and starts dancing in my sheets.
Now I can't sleep, almost seems like she's teasing me.
She's messing with my head, my kitty is getting wet.
fingers playing, titty grabbing, but I'm not feeling it yet.

She climbs up on my bed, whispers in my ear, your name.
bringing back all this freaking memories; I hate this game she plays.
I want to get some sleep but all I can think about is your stick.
How you used to put it on me, how I used to throw my lips on it.

I think about all the shit we used to do, need you here in my room.
playing in my playground, you know all the about and the rules
I miss your tongue on my tits, you know how to use them lips.
the way you used to eat the kitty and used to suck on my clit.

I miss going down on my knees, you creeping up from behind
you used to hit it just right, missionary, woman on top, doggystyle.
I miss your loving boy, I miss your touch, and the small talk.
the way we used to cuddled right after we fucked.

The picture of you seems to be fading away, maybe now I can rest
Damn, this bitch insomnia did it to me tonight, again!!!


  1. This is really good. You wasn't lying when you said I was going to need a rag ;-)

  2. Thank You. I appreciate the feedback :-)


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