Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, THE WOMAN your man is CHEATING with is part of YOUR IMAGINATION?

        Ladies, choose your company wisely, be extra careful or what you bring into your relationship. Jealousy is a BACKSTABBING BITCH; you shouldn’t want her anywhere near you or your man. Ladies, ya need to stop embracing this bitch… JEALOUSY’s mission is to fuckup your relationship and she’s gonna do what ever it takes to do just that. Her strategy is to fuck with your head; she would even make you see and hear things. And God forbid she get together with that hoe, INSECURITY, they would make your life impossible.


      Men are always complaining about us females asking all them questions. Little that they know WE HATE asking question because the truth is we don’t want to hear the answer. But that INSTIGATING BITCH insecurity makes us ask shit we don’t want to know. “ Ask him where he been” “Ask him who’s the bitch texting his phone” “Telling him you know he wasn’t hanging with THE BOYS last night; ask him what’s her name.”  “Ask him if her sex is better than your.” Ladies, do we really care what her name is or if her pussy’s better or not? That right there should tell you that something is putting that shit in your head.


       INSECURITY always brings LOW SELF-ESTEEM into your relationship and a lot the times DEPRESSION will follow them. Stalking your man is A MIX of insecurity, low self-esteem and depression; these three would impulse you to stalk your man.
Who the fuck wants to be a stalker? No one wants to be following someone that doesn’t want you around. Don’t you say this to yourself? “ I wish I could stop loving him”  “Fuck him; if he doesn’t want me someone else will“ I’m not calling him again” “ I can find someone better” but after you say all this you do the apposite; that’s because you’re doing the stalking influenced by these three bitches, INSECURITY, LOW SELF-ESTEEM and DEPRESSION.


       You lost your men because of these bitches? Not surprising. You played yourself by listening to these hoes in your head. Now you’re lonely and miserable and guess what THESE HOES are laughing at you. You pushed your man into someone else’s arms.  The truth is he wasn’t cheating with anyone but the constant cursing, fighting, the screaming, the yelling, the harassing and blaming, driven by your insecurities told him “ you might as well cheat” and he did. He found comfort in a more confident woman’s arms. Someone who doesn't ask as many questions, who trust and love unconditionally and doesn't let these bitches get away with shit. WE ALL Have these bitches within us but we can't let them get in our head; they would take over and fuck your whole shit up. Don’t believe me? Think about it…haven’t jealously, low self-esteem, insecurity, depression, taken over people’s minds and made them hurt themselves and others?


     Don't feed into these bitches. Ignore them hoes and make your own decisions. Ladies