Damn baby, I just can't take it
 I'm all caught up, you got me needing it
I'm here all horny, needing to feel you in it 
I'm playing with it while we sexting
You there, I'm here, but I'm picturing you taking it
 My body over your body, your lips on my lips.
Sharing a kiss while our hands are wondering.
Pussy wet, dick hard, mouth and tongue ready
Tits waiting to be teased, nipple wanting to get lick
My clit anticipating the feeling of your lips
Pussy ready for some tongue, is okay to use your teeth
Dick precuming needy for my lips, let me suck on it
M'mm cock about to explode in my mouth as I blow.
Lay me on my back, spread my legs, throw them up
Slide your cock inside, now fuck me nice and slow.
Lets fuck like if we were making love.
Yeah baby give me them deep, long strokes.
Now hit it from behind I wanna feel that dick nice and hard.
Yeah fuck me just like that, don't you stop,
OMG... my pussy about to splash.
yeah on your cock. Baby do you feel that?
Yeah I know your girl is badass.
Now where you wanna cum, in my mouth, my back?
wait you said on my ass? mmmm I like that.
Hit it faster now, nice and hard as I throw the ass back.
Damn papi. your girl like that, oh I feel your cock throbbing.
Oh fuck I'm cumming, yeah again. wow you hitting the spot
Now we both cumming, pull out, shoot it on my ass
Yeah brush that ass, paint that crack white
As a matter fact, come here, let me suck you dry
mmm taste right. Damn... dick still nice and hard,
why don't you lay back, relax, let your girl ride.
Yeah let me bounce this ass on that cock,
Boy how many times I gotta tell you...
close your eyes, you don't need wings to fly
Let this pussy make you orgasm, I'll take you to the sky
no need to smoke, I'm taking you to cloud nine
Baby now open your eyes and enjoy this ride
Tits bouncing on your face, yeah take a bite
And lets share a long wet sloppy kiss
cause your lips are tasting like me
mmm that pussy taste sweeter on your lips
Baby are you ready to cum cause I'm cummin

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