Laying on my bed... 
I was not asleep, I was not awake 
you were on the phone, spitting game
this is insame, I thought to myself
You are thousands of miles away 
but next to me, your presence, I felt
I wanted, I needed to feel you inside of me
Healey boy there's no need for questions
All the answers laid within our imagination

My mind started wondering... 
You and I in the shower, for at least an hour
Water running down my head, 
my hand rubbing on your head,
Quenching my thirst on your chest
water all on my face...
lips wet, you licking on my neck
grabbing and rubbing on my breast.
Nipples getting hard, pussy's dripping wet

Our lips meeting for a kiss... 
Soaping your body from head to toe.
Here and there stoping for a stroke
rubbing on the tip, playing with your balls
Healey boy, dick harder than a pole,
I grab it, slide it inside my hole
One leg up, holding on to the wall
push it in deep, I want it feel it all

Don't stop please...
Trying to keep my grip as you hitting it,
It slipped out; slide it in, quit teasing me
Theres no kidding in the way u make me feel
Feels so good you make me wanna scream
Healey boy you're making me cream
Don't pull out, cum deep inside me
Don't forget I'm not awake, I'm not asleep
This is not reality; this is not a dream 

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