My dear Husband,
You know I love you and you mean the world to me. You're a wonderful man and I wouldn't change anything about us or the life I’ve shared with you. I never complained about the many hours I spend alone due to your career, I've always waited for you to get home, patiently, without questioning.  But last night, I was sitting on the porch; lonely, horny, thinking about how much I need you and how little times we spend together. I didn't notice we had a new neighbor, till last night, when he came over to the porch and said Hi. He introduced himself and all I could think about while he was talking was how much I need you here with me every night. He asked me why I was sitting there, looking so lonely and offered me a drink; I needed one. I accepted the drink, and then a second drink, a third and before I knew it, we've drunk a whole bottle.

I wanted to keep drinking, I wanted; I needed an excuse, something to justify my thoughts and my actions. I wanted to fill this emptiness I suddenly started feeling inside.  Baby, I didn't know how lonely I was till last night, all of a sudden things that seemed unimportant, mattered. And I needed things that always seemed unnecessary. I told him I'd be right back but as I intended to go in the house for another bottle. I stumbled, trying to keep my balance, he held me cause I was falling all over the place. As he was holding me, and we were trying to walk, my butt rubbed against his dick causing an immediate reaction. I felt him embarrassingly pulling away but suddenly, we both felt on the floor. I felt on top of him, and we both stayed there just looking at each other in the eyes, waiting for the other person to make the first move but neither one of us made intent to get up. The suspense tension made my pussy really wet; I felt his dick rising through his pants. I looked at him dead in his eyes, he was so shy but I was so horny. I was on top of this man and feeling his boner growing on my leg, gave me that extra push I needed to make the first move. I kissed him and quickly after sharing a passionate kiss I took off his shirt. I can still see the surprised look on his face as I lifted up his shirt while kissing him and tonguing on his neck. He took off my blouse, his tongue wondering on my chest as he removed my bra, and sucked on my nipples. For a moment you came to mind, but the guilt dissipated with his tongue, my pussy overindulging in sensual pleasures.

Our pants came off and so did our underwear, his tongue teasing and finger pleasing my pussy as my lips sucked on his hard, mouth watery dick. He positioned himself to watch my hot mouth wrapped around his throbbing manhood. Stroking it up and down, I starred at him; my tongue full of passion, emptying my lust on his now wet dick. Cum splashing out of dick on my face making me want to feel him deep inside of me. I stroke it to that last drop and it was still nice and hard. I got on top of him and placed his dick inside my pussy. Bouncing up and down on his cock, I wanted to make my pussy cum. I rode his pecker in reverse, crab sex style, giving it to him in a squatting position. I gave him full satisfaction, stimulating his cock and at the same time rubbing on my G-spot and clitoris.

 I did things with him I’ve never thought of doing with you or anyone else; we had anal sex. He tossed my salad; he licked my ass crack, sucked on my asshole and stuck his tongue deep in it. Fuck my ass with his fingers, opening the entrance for his cock. He penetrated my ass, stroked it a couple of times and I pushed my ass back making him go all the way in my butt making him cum all in my asshole.  We fucked and fucked, he cum on my face, my ass, my chest. I had multiple orgasm and he nut in my pussy. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been a bad girl and I’m sorry I enjoyed so much.

PS. I love

Yours truly
 Your Wife


  1. OK.. Hot! I had 2 twitter & reblog

  2. Thank you Billy :-) yeah is a very intense scene lol

  3. You were a bad girl, weren't you?

    Perhaps a spanking would help... ;-D

  4. Yeah I was beautifully bad... make that two spanking please :-)

  5. Hey I'm gay and this kind of turned me on. Wonder what that means???

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