Come inside the bedroom... let's make it rain in my bed
Let's submerge our desires in the wetness of this hurricane
Let's make lightning and thunder under the sheets 
I wanna feel the wetness of your tongue from my lips to my feet 

It's raining harder; the sheets are getting wet 
baby let your  tongue roll freely below my navel 
I want you to lick my lips,  and work your way to my mouth 
It's getting wetter and wetter, your tongue is about to drown

I know this not boxing but let's go for 10 rounds 
There's no throwing of the towel or judges, just knockouts
Let our passion be the referee, let it deemed us incapable 
to continue this fight; let our loud moan be the count down 

Let's make it rain tonight; let this love storm take control 
Bring your bat and balls, I got this glove, we can play baseball
I'm soak and wet, let my water run down your head to your balls
Baby the ball is in your court; let's play love and basketball 
or we can just shout "Fuck sport" while you hitting it raw

Let's enjoy each other's  body under  this storm
I wanna feel your rain going down my throat 
It's raining in my bedroom, the sheets are getting wet...
Come on baby, let's get it in and bust another sweat
Let's do it over and over; you still hard and I'm still wet 

I know it's getting late but please don't go just yet 
Let's dry our bodies in the wetness of our rain 
The more we cum the drier we would get 
Please stay till the morning...let's make it rain again  

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