A Heart For Sale

Everything seemed so perfect; I th
ought we were meant to be
The connection was so crazy;
I thought it was destiny
All of sudden he started changing;
I wasn't understanding.
My feelings for him were still standing; strong.
Gotta give him props thou;
his game was outstanding
Had me in the clouds;
 now I'm force landing
I can't sleep, can't eat, can't think right; finning.
Fuck him, fuck love, fuck feelings.
I just wanna get laid, halla
if ya niggas hear me.
I'm drinking till I wash this pain away;
love kills
Alicia keys tried sleeping with a broken heart;
that was ill.
Anybody wanna buy a heart?
I'm selling like Nicki and Meek Mill
I'm selling this heart as is;
is broken, buy at your own risk.

Inspired by: Buy A Heart
 Artist: Nicki Minaj ft Meek Mill

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