I, laying on my bed screaming "you don't miss him" to myself.
You, laying on your bed saying I'm so over her.
We stay playing it off like we don't miss each other. 
You be all in your feelings reminding me it's over.
I be playing hard to get until we hit the covers. 
All pettiness stop when two fighters becomes lovers.
You greet me with a kiss, pitching softly on my tits.
"Nigga stop playing ain't nobody want your dick"
I say this being petty knowing damn well, I stay fining for it.
You slap me on my butt and that automatically turns me on.
I grab you by your neck push your ass right on my bed.
We still being petty; you pull me towards you, wrestling and shit.
I lay on my back "nigga get on your knees and give me head"
You're laughing like I'm joking
🗣 "Stop playing my nigga; eat that pussy I said"
I get under the covers, since you wanna play games.
You go under the covers, takes my clothes off, and eat it out of the frame.
The licking, nibbling, and sucking drives me fucking insane.
I ain't no scientist but I lay you on your back and start giving you brain.
You start getting all smart "put your tongue right there again"
"Are you serious nigga?  I gave lessons to super head."
"No hands Gigi, suck that shit"
 " nigga stop talking, I haven't disappointed your ass yet "
I swallow your dick to the balls;
I suck it, and swallow your cum.
"Damn You didn't even hit it, What a bummer!!"
You're like "bend over" shit just started when I thought it was over.
We go way back like lovers; we don't use rubber
I spread my ass cheeks open and you fuck me like no other.
Hair pulling, ass slapping; got me in this bed like a runner
It's freezing out, yet we sweating like it's Summer.
You be giving me the pipe like if you were a plumber.
I be taking the D like a drum; you're swinging that stick like a drummer.
Shit feel so good; I'm squirting on you dick like a cummer.
All the pettiness stops when two fighters becomes lovers. 

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