It was an ordinary weeknight, a Wednesday to be exact; Nicole was at her new place seating on the steps browsing online. She was chatting with Steve, a guy she had met on a dating site a few days back. The phone rang, it was her cousin’s wife inviting her over their place to hangout with some friends. 
“Girl, I had such a stressful day; a good meal, music, and drinks sounds great right now. “
“Ok see you when you get here.” 
She Jumped in the shower, got dressed, and walked to their place, a few buildings down, inside the same complex.  

Nicole’s cousin and their friends were seating outside, drinking, and barbecuing yes at 9:39 pm on a workday. She walked up to the patio, greet everyone, and sat on the only empty chair; right by the music speaker. Her cousin immediately served her a plate, she ate right after making herself a drink, Dominican rum and coke. 

The food was really good, they all ate and stayed outside conversing, drinking, and smoking hookah, just chilling. It wasn’t long before Nicole started feeling nice and slurring her words but the night had just begun, specially after Steve called. She doesn’t remember their whole conversation but she recalls agreeing to him going over her place after he went home and showered. She waited for him to call, a few drinks later and no call, she cut her fun-night short and her cousin drove her home. 

After wobbling with the lock for a few seconds, Nicole got in her apartment and called Steve, but he didn’t answered. She went in the kitchen, popped open a bottle of moscato that was in the refrigerator; grabbed a glass from the cabinet and walked up the stairs to her bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed with her glass in her hand...no lights, no tv, no radio on. Poured herself a drink and sat there, in the dark; staring at the wall as if she kept quiet, he’d be able to hear her body calling him.

Steve was so heavy on her mind and Nicole  couldn’t understand why. Her body was hollering for his touch. How and at what point the need of “him” became so strong? Why having him over felt so right that night, when every other time having a guy over was so wrong? So many questions enveloped her mind...she appeared to be confused about everything, but the fact that she didn’t want to sleep alone that night. For the first time in a long time, she felt the emptiness of the space in her bed. The essence of someone else’s scent in her sheets, all of a sudden, she missed. And suddenly, she craved having someone to talk to, to kiss, to touch, to love; she felt lonely.

Nicole picked up the phone and called Steve again, but again, he didn’t answer, leaving her with no explanation... with so many mix emotions and more questions. She was upset, confused, but most of all she was horny. As much as she wanted to ignore it, her body temperature kept rising and calling for him. 
Quickly she sipped on her glass, trying to ignored the unbridled desire of him. She drank another glass and another glass, as if the answers to her questions were in the bottom of the bottle of moscato. But the more she drank, the more questions she had. How can she be seating around waiting, lusting for a guy who’s identity she wasn’t even sure of? How was this guy different from the many guys who’s offers to meet up, she constantly tuned down? 

Her thoughts were sailing in the open sea of her mind; all she wanted was to feel his touch but, then again was it really “his” touch she was craving for? Or was it all just an illusion; a desire to have “somebody” laying next to her? How can she feel such a strong need of him when deep down inside, she was hoping he wasn’t the guy in his pics? Maybe, she was under the illusion Steve could really be, as he many times said, “who ever she wanted him to be.” 

2:45 am, she got up, staggered to the bathroom, turning on the faucet and adjusting the water temperature for a nice warm bubble bath. Struggling to keep her balance, she slipped her pants and panties off, clumsily pulled her shirt over her head, and remove her bra. The bubble were almost reaching the top of the tub; she turned the water off, and got in. Hoping to drown in the water, her thoughts, she reached for the last glass of wine she had sat on the floor beside her. Took a sip, laid her head back and let out a deep sigh. The mood was perfect for some slow jam but she wanted to delight herself in the silence instead.  

She closed her eyes trying to picture what “he” could possibly look like but no image came to mind, just the eager desire of feeling him deep inside. Her body gradually lighting up in flame, as if it wasn’t submerged in water. The heat of the need of him became more intense. For a moment, she thought, she felt his breathing on her; her body on her body, his lips on her lips; his heat burning her skin. She felt him intensely reviving the passion that laid in her fears. Her hands went wandering, trying to find him on her body. She firmly grabbed the back of her neck, kneading and rubbing the back of her head. Her fingers trying to find their way through her wet curly hair. She softly pulled on it as her other hand squeezed on her breast; massaging and caressing it. Nipple hard, pussy soak and wet, but she didn’t want to touch her pussy, at least not yet. So he thought, but after taking a deep breath, and some more wine; her hand went straight for a dive. She started rubbing her clitoris with her thumb in a circular motion, while her index and ring finger went in her canal. Fingers going in and out of her pussy, she couldn’t help letting  out a whining sound “ahhh ahhh”.
She was intoxicated, not with alcohol but with her thoughts; she was drunk in lust. The urges of him was so intense, pussy kept getting wet; Her body was being consumed by the sensation of her touch, she was about to cum. 

Nicole stopped fingering herself. She took a sip of wine and poured the rest on her tits, sucking and lapping gently on them; wishing it was him. She felt how her nipples hardened and her pussy dripped. She closed her eyes and opened her leg wider, rubbing around her pussy hole, slowly inserting her ring and middle finger in. Pushing her finger in  imagining it was his dick fucking her warm pussy nice and deep. A vivid picture of him fucking her doggystyle came to mind; face down, ass up, cheeks spread, long strokes. She sped up her fingers’ pace, hips began to jerk, clit swole ready to explode
 “ahhh ahhh... fuck...mmm...ohhh fuck yes. Fuck me... mm take your pussy” She shouted as if he could heard her or better yet as he was there inside of her. 

Nicole licked her lips fining for a kiss; eyes still shut, mind navigating... she laid Steve down on his back and with no questions asked she tongue kissed his dick. She started sucking and slurping on it, precum tasted so sweet. Dick hard to a perfect size for her to get on top. She leaned over and they shared a passionate kiss. Facing him, she kneeled, straddled his pelvis and slid his penis into her tight pussy. His cock sliding in and out of her hole, and her juices dripping on him, she started to ride on his dick. 
He reached over trying to rub her clitoris and she rode him 
“Just lay back baby, relax” she said. 
He laid back down and just watched her take full control of his hard dick; owning all his desires. She started moving up and down, rolling her hips around.
 “I’m about to cum” he whispered. 
“You want me to get up?” she asked. 
“ No baby. I wanna cum inside daddy’s pussy!”

At that moment she opened her eyes, fingers speed increasing, body moving, pussy creaming. A loud scream she tried to hold back broke the silence “ahhh ahhh ahhh” pussy squirted all in her fingers. 

No more wondering... no more questioning. 
She no longer care if he calls or doesn’t; if his name is Steve or Joseph because at that very moment, everything made sense, as if the answers laid between her legs. It doesn’t matter what he looks like or who he is; he’d always be who ever she wants him to be. 

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